What Machine Helps You Triumph over the 7 Biggest File Migration Challenges?

Are trying to eliminate platform migration complications? Lower assign, effort, and misplaced time? You are within the upright assign of abode. I deserve to part some tricks to permit you to simplify your migration activities. I genuinely had been performing file-basically based migrations for neatly over 20 years, basically with EMC Abilities. The massive majority […]

Are trying to eliminate platform migration complications? Lower assign, effort, and misplaced time? You are within the upright assign of abode. I deserve to part some tricks to permit you to simplify your migration activities.

I genuinely had been performing file-basically based migrations for neatly over 20 years, basically with EMC Abilities. The massive majority of migrations had been SMB-basically based at the side of server-to-server, server-to-NAS, and NAS-to-NAS migrations.

A pair of of the tools that I genuinely appreciate leveraged over time consist of:

  • ROBOCOPY: This Microsoft utility, originally phase of the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit, has been around since 1997.
  • EMCOPY: This EMC utility is vulnerable basically to reproduction to a Celerra basically based file diagram; on the other hand, the different tools within the suite constituted of EMCopy, Sharedup, and LGDUP had been vulnerable on several events, even alongside with Robocopy.
  • RSYNC: This UNIX utility is vulnerable for NFS migrations.

As expertise obedient, storage vendors equipped a reach to form these migrations using inside of tools. A pair of of the tools had been developed for worry recovery while others had been developed explicitly for data migration. Two examples consist of:

  • VNX Replicator: This instrument can replicate from Celerra/VNX to 1 other Celerra/VNX array.
  • Isi_vol_copy: The isi_vol_copy utility from Isilon makes command of NDMP streams to reproduction data from a NetApp array to the Isilon array. Finally EMC added isi_vol_copy_vnx that allowed NDMP- basically based reproduction from VNX to the Isilon.

Concerns: One among the fundamental concerns that we face when performing file-basically based migrations is which instrument is maybe the most sharp for the job. The answer to this save a query to is now not straightforward as a result of it could moreover fair bewitch more than one tools to total the job. Yet any other consideration is the ability to streamline the guidelines migration course of.

Amongst the upper known file migration tools that will perchance tackle these concerns: Datadobi DobiMiner. For the closing five years, I genuinely appreciate known Datadobi for his or her CAS-to-NAS migration methodologies and their NAS-to-NAS migration instrument, which is continuously evolving. DobiMiner helps streamline file-basically based data migrations, simplifies your total stop-to-stop course of, and tackles the total following additional challenges:

Self-discipline 1: Bandwidth Throttling

Potentialities could perchance appreciate to throttle the bandwidth that is consumed by the migration. This could perchance moreover fair restrict the amount of concurrent classes or the true time required to reside the migration if wanted.

DobiMiner can time desk bandwidth in line with hours of operation per file server. This characteristic limits bandwidth for the duration of frequent industry hours so that migrations proceed to flee with diminished bandwidth and then robotically will increase it for the duration of the subsequent window. Imagine the flexibility to swap schedules in line with file server and managing more than one bandwidth schedules over the duration of the migration share. It moreover entails file server scans to refresh the guidelines.

Self-discipline 2: Detailed Reporting

Potentialities customarily quiz to peek a concise day-to-day web mumble story on all migration jobs. This entails successes, failures and the details surrounding each instances. Assorted tools attain appreciate log recordsdata related to them, but this could bewitch some tweaking to rating an true story. The ability to electronic mail a story, if supported, will customarily require additional configuration effort.

DobiMiner generates reports on-query. To boot to the provision and target destination, the reports level to the amount of recordsdata, directories, symbolic links and errors. In the occasion of an error, the reports allow you to drill all of the design in which down to analyze the trigger. Migration reports could moreover fair be emailed day-to-day, weekly, or month-to-month.

Self-discipline 3: Job Scheduling

Job scheduling desires to be executed from the Windows scheduler at every server that is performing the migration job. The job schedules can overlap if more than one proxy servers are vulnerable for the migrations.

DobiMiner can time desk real stutter incremental copies. Every person migration could moreover fair be scheduled to flee in line with the migration effort. As an illustration, the migration can commence up with day-to-day incremental copies and then be modified to hourly as the migration cutover window arrives.

Self-discipline 4: Estimating Switchover Time

This manual course of entails reviewing the logs from every incremental flee to estimate the time it takes to form the incremental reproduction.

DobiMiner allows you to form migration windows in line with the cutover time. DobiMiner determines if the closing migration will fit within the specified time window. A dry flee can moreover be performed to simulate the closing reproduction.

Self-discipline 5: Advent of Migration Jobs

Job advent could moreover fair be scripted, but desires to be imported on every server that will seemingly be performing the jobs, and then scheduled per server. For Windows, a batch file desires to be created, then scheduled with the Windows scheduler.

DobiMiner can form a bulk import of now not most sharp the file servers, but moreover the migration pairs from a template. After the template is created, there may well be an import feature that will form the migration jobs at the DobiMiner diagram stage.

Self-discipline 6: Incremental Copies

Your total tools mentioned appreciate a reach to form incremental copies. Some must form a file evaluate and could bewitch hours to get the one file that desires to be copied. Others is now not going to synchronize the directories as per NDMP-basically based protocol.

DobiMiner performs a scan of the checklist faster than the different tools mentioned. The scans are performed on a scheduled foundation and knowledge is saved in DobiMiner.

Attributable to it scans and performs incremental copies faster than the different tools mentioned listed here, it helps move up the migration saving you precious time.

Self-discipline 7: Mix of SMB and NFS Purchasers

If a customer desires to reproduction NFS recordsdata to boot to SMB recordsdata, then two tools will seemingly be required, reminiscent of RoboCopy and Rsync.

DobiMiner migrates each NFS and SMB recordsdata in a single pane-of-glass. It helps the migration of SMB, NFS, and even mixed-mode protocols.


It is no surprise that DobiMiner has been named as the instrument of desire for file-basically based migrations on EMC Unity and other platforms. In my experience, DobiMiner has been a fine addition to the file migration course of and continues to provoke me. DobiMiner addresses the total recent challenges presented listed here and affords technological advantages over other legacy tools.

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